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What’s It Like Working With Elephants?

Elephant Trainer

Though it’s mostly for show, I technically have an elephant trainer’s/ caretaker’s license from Thailand. One could go so far as to call me a Mahout.

The best I can say is that “training” elephants is a complex subject, but living and working with them is… holy.

There are many methods to training elephants and I chose my mentors based on theirs. Most elephants in Thailand are Continue Reading →


There’s a sort of sanity that focuses on the wrong things.

I’m now focusing on the science that in order to build spaceships one must study fish, rather than on the notion that my intellectual addictions also stem from a deep loneliness—from my failure to connect with you outside of briefly. I’m digging new holes to avoid the old ones. LOL I’m digging new holes inside of the old ones.

I’m now bringing this literal conflagration unbearably close and focusing on hot wax dripping on the web of my dominant hand, rather than on how I bring it close to alleviate the more unbearable pain of such far-seeing in darkness. I’m focusing on how the human eye works. I’m focusing on how the human body works.

I’m realizing there is a great sanity that even greater sanity chooses to ignore. I’m talking to keep my mouth shut. *sigh* I’m talking to keep my mouth shut.

how we used to was

once in a while i chance forget
how we used to was

but you never fail to
forgot me not

trees play of limbs
rivers of stones
airs of dusts

humanity you are so angry
and i love you because

memories keep playing back
all the nights we used to love
how we used to was

on anger, on fear

only those who have
never experienced love
are free from anger


To know prison is to know a world too small to hold love’s absence. // Kelly Rose Pflug-Back, For T

prison is a stillborn
two small grey hands, fists
that’ll never move nor open

i have known many hands
too small to hold love’s absence
and there is a difference
between the absence that makes
the child reach out and cry

and the absence that is
long accepted
wail and be moved all you want
i know a great many places filled
with a great many men still

and some walk the halls
taking pride in this

thirty-four men per box built for two

all of them efficiently quiet
as the sounds of your rages and of your open hands
coming together in prayer walk the halls loudly, loved

the jungle does not know i am here and i am beatific

my temple, my temple

how filled you are, how holy
and uncaring you are of me

as it should be

if as i slept you were ever to stop
and wait for me
i would not forgive you

the moment you realize me you will shrink and
when these bugs stop biting i will hate you
please do everything while i’m not looking

as it should be

as it is
i am not here

rejoice, rejoice

the air cannot tell
what form it has, that nor this
mirror the colour

frankenstein notes


for a thing to be consider alive it must meet two conditions…

  1. It must be hurtling towards death, but not so fast
  2. It must be ignorant of its path, but not so much


as it sat up it looked around
then at me, then asked
“how do you deal with the smell of your own rotting flesh?”

how does it know the human tongue?
it is not alive
It is NOT alive
if it Is i don’t know

“what does it mean to be human?”
“what does it mean to be human?”
“what does it mean to be human?”
It babbles

ready to die (all I want is bitches, big-booty bitches)

I skunk fly through pussy heavily
nights and cities I don’t care to remember
looking for trouble I can grasp but barely handle

all I want is trouble, I’m knee-deep in

something Hispanic, Mediterranean, ebony
French— Pepé Le Pew, je vis pour le funk
hardcore, je mourrai pour le funk

dog days

You wake early, but today she wakes earlier and makes you coffee, wow— you let it go cold as you’re both unapologetically late for work. Like Texas, every room feels like Texas.