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What It’s Like Sleeping Two Hours A Day For A Year (Polyphasic Sleep)

Polyphasic Uberman Dymaxion Sleep

After your body gets a handle on the extreme military-like conditions your stupidity is forcing onto it, it’s amazing and then unbearably boring.

It’s not all it’s cracked up to be.*

  1. Above all, you learn how to nap wherever possible no matter how. You make sure to secretly always be in possession of a sleeping-mask, you sneak out of parties to nap before returning, you learn how to catch naps in bathroom stalls, all cars start resembling portable beds, &c..
  2. Your sense of time is nonexistent. Although you only sleep two hours a day (via six 20-minute naps), each nap feels like eight hours of sleep and every four hour segment feels eleven hours long; every day feels three days long (equally filled to the brim with darkness and then light) and every week feels like a short February. You would think this would make you lazier, but in reality the opposite’s true: with them being your only means of time-keeping (from your body’s perspective) every nap equates to the end of a day and so you become psychologically conditioned to finish everything on your plate by the time you have to sleep (you’re slowly forced to always be focusing only on the tasks that matter). This eventually has you completing a week’s worth of tasks in two days time, half a week’s if you’re lazy Continue Reading →

“I Sleep Two Hours Per Day”- Month Two

GOAL : 56 hours sleep for February 2010

ACTUAL: 57 hours sleep for February 2010

You remember all that stuff I said about January being the hardest month (the last week especially)? Well, throw that out the window; February is by far the worst Dymaxion Sleep month I’ve ever had. And again, all the thanks goes to one thing, my social life.

February was filled with showcases, performances, and classes to teach. At first my whole flexible schedule thing worked out, and I finally thought I was able to have a social life and sleep two hours day (ain’t I stupid). I guess my social life has a thing against my sleep habits; I had back to back shows, back to back classes, back to back meetings, and anything else back to back.

I found myself sometimes not skipping one nap but two! If you ever practised polyphasic sleeping, especially Uberman or Dymaxion like me, then you’ll understand the importance of what I just said. Continue Reading →

How I Read 21 Books Every Week

I read about 21 books per week.
I’m able to do this buy combining four things:
  • Audio Books
  • Speed Listening
  • Speed Reading
  • Polyphasic Sleep

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“I Sleep Two Hours Per Day”- Month One

Brief intro

It’s been a while hasn’t it. I haven’t updated Dymaxion sleep posts in two-three weeks now. All on purpose though.

As you may have noticed, this is not my main focus on dancePROOF. I’d much rather write something to do with personal development, or love, or society, or something else thought provoking. Something that has to do with me helping people out (and not talking about myself). Thus I decided that I will write an update on my Dymaxion sleeping habits every first Monday of every month.

I also have a confession to make. I haven’t been so anal-retentive about the whole “keeping perfect track of everything I do”. You can’t blame me though, I’ve been busy. Performances to perform, schools to teach, family to take care of, business to handle, and the oh so familiar “money issues” to take care of. As you can probably see I haven’t updated my Flickr photos or my Twitter updates in about two-three weeks as well. To all those that continued to check in on them, disappointed daily due to my lack of posting, I apologize. January was a hectic month.

So here’s to February. Here’s to me finally making a “flexible” schedule so that I don’t fuck up again, and let people down. And here’s to me actually talking about what you came here for, Dymaxion sleep.

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The Key To Extreme Productivity: Total Immersion

My one goal in everything that I do this year is going to be total immersion. Total immersion is the obvious-yet-overlooked key to success and extreme productivity in life. I got the idea from language learning. In the world of language learning there are those few people who learn languages in two to six months. And you know what they apply to their lives? Total immersion.

To make it clear, total immersion is not about a balanced life. It’s not about doing a little of everything every single day. And it’s not about giving equal time to everything. Total immersion is about focusing on only one thing for an insane amount of time. It’s about letting everything else wither away in the meantime. And it’s about leading an unbalanced, yet highly passionate, and driven life.

Total immersion requires that you lose any and all sense of balance you hold dear to you. Repeat, any and all sense of balance. It means watching your social life dwindle to nothing while you focus entirely on your career. And on the contrary, it means watching your career dwindle down to nothing while you focus on your social life (a social life is necessary but it shouldn’t be all consuming, all the time).

Way too many people live the “I multi-task” lifestyle. Continue Reading →

“I Sleep Two Hours Per Day”- Week Two

GOAL : 14 hours sleep per week

PROGRESS: 14.5 hours sleep this week

This week turned out to be much better than last week. Although, if you take into account the first few days in, you would have never noticed. If you saw my Twitter updates you would have noticed that I went through a rough patch where I felt like “screeching monkeys were in my head having a loudest screeching monkey contest”… basically ONE BIG HEADACHE. Due to this I overslept two of my first naps by 15 minutes adding 30 more minutes to my goal of 14 hours. My only times oversleeping. I kept going though, and life got better. Noting my earlier progress from week one, I can say I fixed most of the mistakes I had. For example:

  • I no longer sleep on beds

This was weird at first, but I got used to it. Stupid mistake I made the first few times was sleeping on my arm. After waking up I always felt like blood had rushed to them. I can describe to you the fun I had in turning off alarms while feeling as if my arms were balloons, but I won’t. Continue Reading →

“I Sleep Two Hours Per Day”- Week One

GOAL : 14 hours sleep per week

PROGRESS: 22.5 hours sleep this week

Yup, I slept 8.5 hours more than what I wanted. But to make myself feel better I deducted that that comes down to 3.21428571 hours of sleep per day this week. Which if you think about it is better than all but two of the schedules (Uberman, and this one, Dymaxion). I’m not going to stop aiming for that two hours though. In fact I could have made it if it wasn’t for a few mistakes…

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“I Sleep Two Hours Per Day”- Intro



It seems as if I have once again decided to inflict more harm (self-discipline really) onto myself in the name of I-dunno-what (something provocative). I’ve decided that on top of being Ubervegan I’m going to be sleeping two hours a day. Yup, TWO HOURS A DAY, for at least three months (aiming for a full year).

Now, you may be wondering just how the f**k I’m going to live on two hours sleep per day for three months. The answer is simple really: through polyphasic sleeping. See “normal” people (referring to the majority) practice what is known as monophasic sleeping which more or less means “sleeping one time per day”. From this you can deduct that “biphasic” sleepers sleep twice per day, “triphasic” thrice per day, and “polyphasic” more than thrice.

Polyphasic sleepers usually go through five phases (the humor comes from realizing that they resemble the five stages of grief):

  1. Pre-polyphasic phase (denial)- The soon to be polyphasic sleeper is extremely excited about final getting to master time and space, they “knew something like this HAD to exist”. Imagining all the things they will do with their new found extra time their blood pressure continues to rise.
  2. Infected-pre-zombie phase (anger)- The polyphasic sleeper has began their nap schedules, was doing fine, but is now feeling the effects of sleep deprivation arriving.
  3. Changing-into-zombie phase (bargaining)- the polyphasic sleeper now starts to desperately try everything to stay awake (picture someone chugging a whole case of red bull), even though they realize that things are slowly getting worse and worse.
  4. Zombie phase (depression)- The polyphasic sleeper is now defeated. Now resembling a zombie (drooping arms/shoulders, slow paced, bloodshot/puffy eyes, murmured speech, etc.) they are drained of all energy and are only waking up from their naps by pure instinct.
  5. Defeat phase (acceptance)- The polyphasic sleeper now believes that everything they read/heard was a lie, they “knew nobody could live on two hours of sleep per day”, and soon accept that they need sleep. They now proceed to take that 8-24 hour nap they’ve been desperately craving for.

…Wait, what? The outcome is a failure? Why the f**k do this then? Are you a masochist now Arsène? Continue Reading →