brief exposures of now imprisoned men

#5304 067734

oh, the pleasure i get from knowing
that hell too must open its lips
to take me in

how i’ve masturbated!
to the thought of eyes bulging
surprised— at how big i am
#0804 065304

when i was fourteen i discovered biggie
the sex pistols and prince
i knew what every women wanted
and i fantasized about stripping

i’d heard you’d get to swing your dick
all day
that you’d how’s your mother? men your father’s age
and that didn’t sound half-bad to me
#3704 060804

guys, don’t have sex outside!
you’ll pull out in time

your cum will hit the ground
and you’ll know exactly
where it’s headed
and where it’s not

and you’ll smile
at having gotten away with it

and i swear you’ll try it again
#7734 513704

the best feeling in the world precedes the question

you give someone a book
an album, a movie (a part of you
that you hold dearly)
and you watch as their eyes water
and grow
embodying wonderment and grandeur
as their head moves along
taking it all in
and then, done, the question comes, and you too

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