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The Difference Between Cheap And Expensive Bottled Water

The difference between cheap and expensive bottled water is taste (and texture).

The reason most people don’t taste a difference between tap, cheap, and expensive bottled water is that people, especially in the West, drink water cold and mainly after eating, both which largely cancel out differences of taste.

If you were to regularly drink water at room temperature, as I do, you’d realize that (except for the sense that it seems to always be more aerated than most bottled waters) tap water isn’t that amazing; it leaves a chemical aftertaste because tap water sources are treated with chloramines, and in part because they contain certain quantities of bacteria, tylenol, fluoride, caffeine, unspecified chemicals, and arsenic.

Cheap brands like Aquafina, which originate from “municipal” or “public water” sources aren’t far off from tap water (they, in fact, are tap water – just Continue Reading →

“The More Corrupt The State, The More Numerous The Laws.” What This Implies And Why It Holds True In This Age

This statement’s playing with three evergreen ideas:

  1. That if a state is made of a majority of moral people then they won’t need precise governing.
  2. That if a state is made of a majority of amoral people then they’ll need ever more precise governing.
  3. And that if a state, as an entity itself, becomes too precise in its governing, it will beget more amoral than moral peoples for it’s covered the entire floor with laws and has thus made it impossible to walk without stepping on one.

The statement’s saying that someone’s actions are a simple means of surmising their underlying morality or lack of it, that an organized community isn’t exempt from judgement because it’s also someone, and that someone that acts with the belief that people are inherently lacking in morality is themselves lacking in morality for holding such a belief.

Imagine yourself as kind parent. Imagine Continue Reading →

An Obvious Truth That’s Rarely Acknowledged

We’re all mostly driven by hatred, detachment, and longing; because at one point in time we loved or needed someone so intensely it hurt and they never even noticed.


To know prison is to know a world too small to hold love’s absence. // Kelly Rose Pflug-Back, For T

prison is a stillborn
two small grey hands, fists
that’ll never move nor open

i have known many hands
too small to hold love’s absence
and there is a difference
between the absence that makes
the child reach out and cry

and the absence that is
long accepted
wail and be moved all you want
i know a great many places filled
with a great many men still

and some walk the halls
taking pride in this

thirty-four men per box built for two

all of them efficiently quiet
as the sounds of your rages and of your open hands
coming together in prayer walk the halls loudly, loved

ready to die (all I want is bitches, big-booty bitches)

I skunk fly through pussy heavily
nights and cities I don’t care to remember
looking for trouble I can grasp but barely handle

all I want is trouble, I’m knee-deep in

something Hispanic, Mediterranean, ebony
French— Pepé Le Pew, je vis pour le funk
hardcore, je mourrai pour le funk

How To Judge The Quality And Worth Of Poetry

In his essay The Poet and These TimesHugo von Hofmannsthal said about the poet: “It is as if his eyes had no lids.”

This is the only means by which I judge the quality of a poem, the only constant—if I am made to feel that way about the poet (all other qualifiers seem to be fickle and superfluous). However numerous and creative the patterns, the qualities of the materials, or the opinions of the times, Art will forever be a see-through dress.


Rwanda Genocide

The strangers in the woods must mimic squirrels and crackle with the undergrowth. They must not flinch at the cruelty of breaking golden leaves with their feet, or of interring stones. // Rigoberto Gonzáles, The Strangers Who Find Me in the Woods

we follow Moirai down as she points
at the homes of the unturned stones

                            and there
and once there

we are as graceless as sinking pigs
but a sight less cruel somehow
breaking leaves
                             spouse and spouse
child and child
                            (there and there
and once there)

archeologists will discover a paradise
in the place no touch died of neglect

bad reception

The Benefit Of Singularity To Man

What’s the benefit of an all-powerful immortal genius? The benefits are all-around infinite. But it depends, from its point-of-view are we more trouble than we’re worth?

I personally welcome the singularity with open arms because I equate greater-than-human-intelligence with wisdom and compassion.

The whole The Matrix scenario is based on the false premise that technology would be as cruel/ stupid/ thoughtless/ self-centered/ dopamine seeking as homo sapiens. Doesn’t greater than human intelligence equate with wisdom and doesn’t that equate with active preservation of those less capable and good? Isn’t The Matrix really just an overdressed simple-minded distrust of other homo sapiens with power? It presumes that anything else that’s intelligent and in a position of power will, as most humans have done, turn to enslavement and cruelty. I doubt the singularity would fashion itself in the likeness of Man, I don’t see how that would in any way be intelligent/wise.

If the singularity ever arrives the biggest Continue Reading →

Why Do People Enjoy Reading Poetry? I Don’t.

I see this as you stating the same thing many great poets eventually do with a sigh when all they see around them are people in love with how well they can masturbate through words (“Look at how nude they are, how sexy, how shocking, how they allude to nature, to the heart, the good, the dark, the esoteric. Look! Look!! Look how I cry!!!”).

Why do people enjoy thisI want to read poems that move like wrecking balls. And that transform me into the building they long to touch. // Tomás Q. Morín

Good poetry is the difference between just having sex and making love. It is making love; it’s old news and the odds are against you before the very act and yet you participate. And you participate with an open-heart because you know that you’ll never reach that sweet release all emotionally closed up like that (this is old news). It holds yet destroys you completely, and it’s drawn-out yet over too quickly. It’s Continue Reading →