me and you are going to have this inflated love affair (act one)

on the count of three
me and you will buy the biggest balloon in town
and get a room

we’ll inflate the balloon, mix our breaths
tie it, and let it float to the ceiling

then we’ll get naked

we’ll fuck, and love
and sleep, and wake, and cook
and eat, and play, and bath
and laugh, and just stare
and enjoy each other

then we’ll fuck again

we’ll pay the most minimal of attention
to the deflation of the balloon
in the room, filled with us and it with our breath

but when it reaches the floor
we’ll put our clothes back on
shake hands, and go our separate ways

and when your friends ask, just like mine will
what’d you guys do?! we’ll tell them
we bought the biggest balloon in town
we mixed our breaths, and watched it fall down

they’ll think we’re weird as fuck!
but we’ll smile, cause we did
(shit, i’m smiling right now)

so, you ready?


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  1. i’m smiling now as well…

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