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music to sleep two

Sometimes the night gives more than it takes and you bring all the stars home with you. And the rain, and the moon, and the whole damn storm. And she looks at you – says, “You make love to me like you’re going to lose me and there’s no convincing you I’m here to stay awhile. Such sadness.” And all she’ll remember is the morning you convinced her to stay awhile, the temperature. The afternoon you showed her how to carry a knife and still trust everyone, how she’s the thing at either end of the gun. Church.

rhythm & brown sugar

hey glory child


Iron-made orphans, clipped our wings in the late night. Sometimes you hate to leave somebody, what’s happening to we? Gardens, flowers, I recall your soul had a taste like…



On Education, As A Minority

Word of advice, if you’re a minority and you don’t seriously invest in your own education on a day-to-day basis then you are oppressed. You are oppressed; no ifs, ands, or buts. And I’m not talking about a religious education, I’m talking about a scientific one – there’s a difference between an education that lets you navigate the world and one that lets you understand it.

There’s a reason why slaves who taught themselves how to read called it “stealing back their own bodies.”


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