winter in warm world tree


i stand by the park-bench under the tree
and with my neck craned up
i close-watch prideful birds
inhale till they swell

i watch them hop around
in their restless happiness
i watch them flock
in their jubilance

i watch them take beak to wing
and peck those bothersome things
off, once and for all
after all, what use are they?

their eyes peep something’s wrong
but, “fuck it” they tweet
you only live once
look at the weather!



and as i stand
still by the park-bench under the tree
i lower my head a bit
and can’t help but think
these birds are all-right
and i don’t enjoy this enough

so i throw away my oculars
i’d made my decision
i’d join this jubilee!



hey, did you know that
in the time it takes a birdwatcher
to sit on a park-bench under a tree
to lift their head in harmony
you can hear tree branches break?

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