The Legend of the War Dancers


A dark fantasy romance about a demon girl, a human boy, a hummingbird, and martial arts.


High Fantasy, Magic Opera, Action and Adventure, Thriller, Grimdark, Horror, Romance, Mystery, Tragedy, Picaresque, Martial Arts, Wuxia, Xianxia, Xuanhuan



Book 0: Selling Drugs with Sleeping Beauty

Mortal’s Realm Trilogy

Book 1: Red Riding, the Wolf You Feed

Book 2: The Farting Assassin Smiles Back

Book 3: A Dragon Buys a Princess

Nature’s Realm Trilogy

Book 4: The Most Beautiful Dictator, Ever

Book 5: Sing Me an Ocean, Sing Me to the Sun

Book 6: Dark Carnival, a Tournament for Psychopaths

Heaven’s Realm Trilogy

Book 7: Stealing from Heaven – Heaven Fears the Immortal

Book 8: East of the Rising Sun, West of the Falling Moon

Book 9: Killing Gods for Fun and Profit


Book 10: Aliens and Gods of a Forgotten Faith